Feeling sleepy and what to do about it

Daytime sleepiness affects virtually all of us

Daytime sleepiness grips virtually everyone. According to one survey, 3 out of 4 people feel drowsy at work, and 15% of people fall asleep at work at least once a week. When drowsiness strikes, it’s almost impossible to get anything done. Besides the excruciating sensation of being drowsy, there are other problems that arise:

- Lack of focus
- Drop in creative energy
- Increase in negative outlook
- Lack of motivation
- Cranky, irritable
- Increased desire for comfort food
- Weakened immune system

Feeling drowsy essentially kills your ability to be productive. Your best bet is to not resist it directly but to defeat it through other activities. This means you need to stop what you’re trying to do, and solve your sleepy situation first before it engulfs you completely and you end up sleeping on your keyboard.

Why you feel sleepy during the day

The first obvious reason is sleep deprivation. It's important that you understand your personal sleep requirements, and make sure you sleep in an environment that allows you to meet those needs. But there are other factors:

- Too much sleep!
- Stress, worry and feeling overwhelmed
- Lack of exercise
- Fatigue from sitting for too long
- Boredom

The four pillars of a day filled with energy are quality sleep, stress management, exercise and diet and mental stimulation. Pay attention to these by keeping a healthy sleep schedule, adopting meditation, getting at least 150 minutes of exercise per week and working on things that you enjoy.

Move around whenever you feel sleepy

A study done by the California State University showed that people were more energized by walking around for 10 minutes than other methods of waking up. A 10-minute walk increased their energy levels for two hours.

Moving pumps oxygen into the brain and muscles. More oxygen makes people more lucid, increases their ability to focus and thus, get more done.

So not only is moving around an effective method to counter daytime sleepiness, it’s also very healthy for you.

Take frequent breaks to avoid becoming sleepy

Working or studying for extended periods of time will inevitably drain you of your valuable energy. It’s better to work in a sustainable way, with frequent breaks so you can be productive longer.

Every hour take a quick break, walk around or do a Wakeout. This will revitalize you, ready to rock another productive hour.

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