Privacy, Terms of Use and Subscription

Updated March 2018
Please read the Terms of Use carefully. We’ve made it as brief and clear as possible. By downloading, accessing or using Wakeout ("Wakeout"), you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree, do not use Wakeout. 

We may change this document at any time. If we change it, we will announce it on our App Store listing. By continuing to use Wakeout, you agree to any revised Terms.
Stay safe, it's your responsibility
By using Wakeout, you agree that it’s your responsibility to keep yourself safe. If you injure yourself, you agree to absolve Wakeout and its designers of any and all responsibility for injury of any kind.

Wakeout is an exercise app. Even though the exercises are designed to be safe and relaxed, if done incorrectly may result in injury.

If you are new to exercising in general, please consult a doctor or qualified professional about doing Wakeout exercises. Wakeout isn't a rehabilitation app nor is it designed to treat any physical disorder.

Wakeout was designed by experienced athletes for people with some basic knowledge about exercising in general.

We suggest you do them carefully, and slowly the first few weeks. Do them at the intensity that your body and physical level allows you to. Do not exert yourself. Wakeouts are designed to be fun and relaxed.
free trial and subscription
You’ll be billed automatically once trial period ends. Plans auto-renew unless canceled 24 hours before the period ends. Apple should send you an invoice with every billing cycle.

Your active subscription includes unlimited and unrestricted access to all available workouts, routines and updates.

We might change the price of the subscriptions from time to time for promotion purposes. If you're already paying for a subscription, you'll continue to pay your current price and wont be affected by a price increase.
cancelling your Wakeout subscription
1. Go to Settings
2. Tap on iTunes & Appstore
3. Tap on your ID and sign in
4. Scroll down to Subscriptions
5. Tap on Wakeout and "Cancel Subscription"
usage and data tracking
We use a few usage tracking services like Flurry, Amplitude, Fabric, etc. These services gather aggregate data about the general use of the app. This allows us to understand how everyone uses the app in general to improve it, remove and add features. We're not gathering any personally identifiable information about anyone.